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What is cashflow planning?

Let’s make financial plan simple. Starting with a cashflow plan is an easy way to understand your current position.

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What is a secure portal?

Your time and your trust is important to us. That is why we use a secure portal to make our communications simple and secure.

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The House Buying Process

We are talking you through the general steps of buying a house from finding an independent mortgage broker to moving in.

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The Scottish Government's LIFT scheme

What is the LIFT scheme and who is it meant for – we give you a first overview.

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Key Differences to FHF

First Home Fund and LIFT scheme – what are the differences and which should I use?

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Examples for Local Authority Thresholds

The LIFT scheme imposes maximum price thresholds on properties. Here are some examples.

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95% Mortgages

What are the requirements for a 95% mortgage? We talk you through it.

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What do lenders look for?

Mortgage applications and lenders value specific aspects. Learn what they are and how they can help your application.

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Buying a house without a cash deposit

Is it possible to buy a house without a cash deposit? If so, what are the options?

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Improving your Credit Score

Your credit score is important for your mortgage. What can you do to improve it and increase your chances of a good mortgage?

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Myths of the Mortgage Market

Think you won’t get a mortgage due to a poor credit score or other averse circumstances? Think again.

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