We talk about “return on life” rather than “return on investment”.


Because you and your happiness are the most important metrics.

Are you getting the right ‘return on life’?

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Life Centred Financial Planning

We’ll help you achieve the best life possible with the money you have.

First of all, let’s be clear: we’re not here to sell you investments or policies you don’t need. We’re here to help you align your money with your lifestyle, your values, and your plans for the future. We believe your money and your investments must serve your life, not the other way round. That means we’ll always talk about you, before we talk about your investments. After all, until we know about you, how can we possibly advise you on how to make the best use of your money?

1. Life Plan

Let's talk about you

Your initial consultation with us is free of charge, with no obligation and no catch. We’ll ask you to complete a ‘Fact Find’ questionnaire before we meet, so that during our conversation we can focus on you: your values & experiences as well as your financial attitudes and goals. If, by the end of the meeting, we’re confident that we can help you get a better ‘return on life’, we will confirm which level of financial planning service is right for your situation. What happens next is up to you.

2. Financial Plan

Make sense of your money

We’ll carry out an in-depth review of your financial situation so that, based on what we understand about you and your goals, we can present you with a plain-English, tailor-made financial plan that puts you in control of your financial decisions. If we believe there are financial products that would give you the return on life you want, we’ll recommend those too – but of course, there’s no pressure to buy them.

3. Investment Support

Put your plan into action

If we have recommended financial products for you as part of your Financial Plan – and by ‘financial products’ we mean funds, investments, securities – you are free to buy these products for yourself. However, if you feel you’d value our ongoing support, we’ll gladly act on your behalf to put your plan into action, working within a transparent menu of costs that keeps you in control.

4. By your side

Keep your plans on track

Our expert team will be by your side for as long as you need us, proactively monitoring your investments and keeping track of your changing situation through all of life’s ups and downs to make sure that your money remains perfectly aligned with your goals and priorities. Think of us as your financial coach or accountability partner, keeping you on track for the ‘return on life’ you want to see.

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Make an investment you can count on

Our fixed fees put you in control of your financial situation.

When you invest in a personal financial plan with us, our promise to you is simple. You’ll get a personalised financial route map that will put you in control of your financial situation, now and for good. We don’t rely on commission or product sales to make our money, so you can be confident that when we create your financial plan, we’re acting in your interests and yours alone.

Let’s get started

From our offices in Dunoon and Oban, we support people all over Scotland to take control of their finances and invest in a better return on life. We’d love to do the same for you.

What do our Financial Planning services cost?

Your Life Plan with our advisors is free, with no commitment or obligation.
Your Financial Plan will cost between £495 and £1500: your advisor will confirm what level of planning service is right for you based on our discussions at your initial meeting.

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Our small team of experts are based in Dunoon and Oban, Argyll, and our horizons are set as far and wide as yours. We have clients across Scotland and pride ourselves in offering the highest quality service – professional, with a personal touch.

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We put you
in control

Our secure online portal puts you in charge, 24/7. Create your own account and log in at any time to complete your confidential Fact Find questionnaire, update details of your situation or your goals; share documents with us, or keep in touch with your advisor via secure online messaging.

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A reassuringly responsible choice

We believe that you’ll never go wrong by doing right.

Every investment product that we recommend is socially responsible and ethical in terms of its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) standards. We believe that by supporting our clients to choose only those funds that are proactively responsibly managed, together we are investing in a better future: for you, and for the generations to come.